Environmentally Green

Nitco is also a pioneer in manufacturing technology. Nitco was the first Indian manufacturer to:

  • Introduce Rustic Tiles (Nov 1998), which requires a unique “dry powder application” technology in order to create a natural stone look. Nitco is, in fact, the only tile manufacturer in India, with this advanced technology.
  • Introduce Super Gloss floor tiles (April 1998).
  • Introduce 600 x 600mm glazed Vitrified tiles.
  • Introduce 100% Matt Finish tiles.
  • Introduce Dirt Free tiles (April 2002).
  • Introduce Wood Strip tiles in size 400 x 100 mm (Sept 2001).
  • Produce lead free glazed tiles.

Nitco Tiles

Nitco Marble

Nitco mosaico

Nitco Escape Village