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~ Becomes the only Indian company to be invited for CEVISAMA 2011 for the second time ~

~ Unveils its latest cermaic range - Glaze Porcelain at the event ~

February 14th, 2011: CEVISAMA 2011, NITCO Limited set the bar high for the Indian ceramic tile industry by becoming the only Indian Company to be invited for the second consecutive time to participate in International trade show CEVISAMA 2011 (Spain).

International trade show, CEVISAMA 2011 to be held from 8-11th February 2011, is one of the industry's most prestigious trade exhibition. The world's leading interior solution companies including the best from the ceramic industry were invited to Valencia, Spain to be a part of the exhibition.

82,252 professionals visited in 2010.

11,402 international buyers.

141 countries.
680 companies from all over the world exhibited.

CEVISAMA 2011, showcases the world's most innovative design trends and ideas pertaining to design surface coverings, bathroom and kitchen equipment, raw materials, glazes, frits, ceramic tiles and machinery all under one roof.

Speaking at this event, Mr. Vivek Talwar, MD of NITCO Ltd said, 'We are very proud to be the only Indian company to be invited to participate in CEVISAMA 2011, and this is a major milestone for NITCO. Having set benchmarks in the Indian ceramic industry we hope to strengthen our brand value globally through this achievement. It is an amazing experience to be a part of CEVISAMA 2011 and showcase our latest range of elegant, innovative and state of art products; thus giving customers from all around the globe easy access to our large exclusive collection."

At the trade show, besides showcasing its fabulous range of ceramic tiles, mosaico collection and agglomerated marble range, NITCO also unveiled its latest range of glaze porcelain tiles with full polish and lapato finish which was a show stopper. NITCO also was a crowd puller with its artistic mosaic collection on stones, marble and tiles showcasing new collection of mother of pearl, sandblasting design and grooved products which won many orders and was well appreciated by all. The wide collection of engineered marble and onyx was high demand product line for buyers from developing countries. NITCO showcased its collection of metallic finish new textures and marble finish tiles in fabulous room concepts leaving many admirations from the recognized architect and councilors.

NITCO has placed its foothold on the global market as a company recognized for its innovation and quality products with a wide array of products tiles, marble & mosaico. NITCO's aim is to bring international ideas, design & trends to the Indian market and at the same time to showcase their own innovative design & trends in the International market.

For the second time in Indian history, NITCO had showcased its products on a global platform by being invited and participating in CEVISAMA 2011. Only leading International tile brands from across the globe were invited to participate in the exclusive trade show.

For product information and other enquiries, please write to the Nitco Exports Division at amitkarnik@nitco.in or export@nitco.in.

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