Manufacturing Setup

What separates Nitco from other Indian tile manufacturers, is that we have always invested in the best available technology. Our machinery is state of the art, and our factory operations are almost fully automated.

We have an eye for beauty and are on a continuous quest for perfection. We therefore ensure that only those tiles, which match our highest standards, are given the Nitco brand label, an assurance for quality.

Located in Alibaug, near Mumbai, it is here where the company manufactures an endless variety of world-class tiles for low traffic, medium traffic and high traffic areas. This high-tech plant has enabled Nitco to become India's first tile company to offer international standards in the manufacturing of tiles. From beginning to end, only the best will do. The high standard of our laboratory, for instance, is envied by other tile manufacturers for its through and through systematic work. Every aspect of our tiles is measured at our very own laboratory, from the tile’s water absorption to its strength. Even our raw materials are constantly tested to ensure that their properties will be worthy of only the best, Nitco tiles. 

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With its impeccable offerings we guarantee superior quality in terms of uniformity of size, quality of finish, lasting endurance, dimension, colour and pattern. Our commitment to perfection has contributed in redefining the perception of international consumers on Indian products.

Marble Processing Plant at Silvassa

The World´s Best Marble

  • It’s one of the very few automated marble processing plants in the world & the only plant in India.
  • Consistent ultra-high cutting precision is accomplished with BM gangsaw machines from Italy.
  • Natural marble is strengthened using automated netting and the world’s best epoxy resin (Tenax).
  • A vacuum processing technique seals the tiniest of micro-pores within, to ensure perforation-free marble.
  • A special super-gloss process involving UV resin and processing in the UV lamp chamber imparts one of the highest gloss levels in the world.

The NITCO Advantage

  • The superior quality of marble begins from the source - from select mines in Italy and around the globe.
  • Marble is processed in the state of the art Breton processing plant in India.
  • NITCO is the only company that employs a pre-grinding process before polishing.
  • Fully automated processes ensure consistency of size, incredible longevity, and unrivalled enhancement of marble's natural beauty.
  • NITCO assures quantity supply of high gloss marble at par with the best in the world.
  • NITCO's professional team is committed to delivering target quantities on-time everytime.

Marble, Intarsia and Metal Craft

Nitco also has a marble facility at Kanjur Marg in Mumbai, receiving the finest marble from all over the world. Countries from which we mainly source these materials include; Italy, Spain, Turkey, Czech Republic and China.

Here, at Kanjur Marg, various procedures take place, including the preparation (polishing and waxing) of the marble, as well the creation of our Intarsia series, which inspire anyone who sets their eyes on them. With the use of a Water Jet Cutting Machine, we are able to transform marble slabs into the most unfathomable designs, beautiful beyond imagination. This machine also enables us to cut designs out of metal, a procedure also known as ‘Metal Craft’.

We are currently in the process of building a new and fantastic showroom, which customers will be able to walk through and chose their marble according to their taste. The showroom will include setups of various rooms within a home, to enable the customer to define more clearly his/her own vision of his/her home setup.


Also based in Kanjur Marg, Mumbai, our mosaico manufacturing line works hard every day to create the finest mosaic designs conceivable. What is, however, very special about our mosaico facility, is that our customers are able to chose their own designs, no matter how large or complicated these may be.

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