Grow with the Leaders

At Nitco we provide unparalleled opportunity for learning. We significantly invest in a transformation learning experience for people across various layers. We conduct both in-house as well as external Leadership Development Program customized as per requirements of employees across various verticals across India. Employees can also take advantage of mentoring programs.

Nitco aims at building a strong pool of talent pipeline and hence focuses largely Individual development plan of employees. We also offer our employees flexibility of choice on career streams through our internal job posting to encourage exposure in various domains and geographies.

We have a robust Performance Management System which encompasses both the performance and Competency assessment of our employees. Through PD process we identify those who have performed well in the current role and who has the potential to move to the next role immediately. Through various competency based assessment tool we identify high performing and have a fastrack career path for them.

We have our Campus Connect Program with Business Schools and Engineering Campuses to hire Management, Executive and Engineering Trainees. Once Trainees are on-board, they are taken through a series of carefully designed Mentorship and Training Modules that encompass almost all functions of the business. The Training Modules are interspersed with live projects in different functions to test their knowledge and problem-solving abilities.

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