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Your bedroom is what best defines your personality. It is your oasis away from the rest of the world. A room where you can be yourself, unwind after a long day at work; your bedroom speaks volumes about your likes. The bedroom should be with some of the most remarkable designs as you put your heart and soul into making this space look beautiful in your way. NITCO offers many bedroom tiles for you to select and create your space look drop-dead gorgeous. Browse through our varied options of bedroom tiles design as well as those that are a treat for those who love minimalism.

How To Select The Right Bedroom Tiles

Add glam to your bedroom or keep it simple with our bedroom wall tiles design. NITCO tiles offer you an exhaustive collection of bedroom floor tiles and bedroom wall tiles that will make you fall in love with the whole process of redesigning your space.

  • Match Your Aesthetics :

    Your bedroom is where you will be spending most of your time while you are at home—the space where you will chill with your loved ones and would want to relax. So, ensure you put in some extra effort in this room. Browse through all your options and make a decision based on the rest of the aesthetics.
  • Pick A Theme That Helps You Unwind :

    When you pick a theme for your space, make sure it’s something close to your heart and helps you calm your mind. The last thing you want is a cluttered bedroom design with excess furniture and paintings that make it look unorganized. Pick tiles that fit your theme, and you will be surprised how much of a difference that makes.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle :

    If you are someone who works remotely from home and ends up spending a lot more time in your bedroom, you should get bedroom flooring that is more durable and easy to maintain. If you are someone who loves the idea of having marble flooring somewhere in your house, invest in it for your bedroom because there's nothing wrong with spending some moolah on your personal space. Explore our modern bedroom floor tiles design.

Different Types of Bedroom Tiles

Choose from a variety of wall tiles and floor tiles for your bedroom NITCO. Here are a few tiles that are most appropriate for your bedroom floors and walls:

  • Wooden Ceramic Tiles

    If you are a nature-lover and would love to get some of that vibe in your personal space, go for wooden ceramic tiles instead of natural wood. They are much more durable and easy to clean as they are stain-resistant. Moreover, even if there is wear and tear after several years, the rustic vibe never goes out of trend. Explore NITCO's Woodville collection for more ideas. You will find some of the best bedroom wooden floor tiles in our collection for their close-to-reality texture.

  • Porcelain Tiles

    If you are looking for a material that is moisture resistant, strong and is versatile, go for porcelain tiles. The options of colours and textures are incomparable when it comes to porcelain tiles. As they are less porous, these tiles are preferred over ceramic tiles; however, porcelain tiles are a bit more expensive than ceramic tiles. Check out our Made in Italy collection for a quick browse of the different options available.

  • Marble Effect Ceramic Tiles

    Marble has been one of the most versatile materials in interiors. NITCO offers options of marble effect tiles that will leave you startled. The marble look-alike tiles give your bedroom a sophisticated touch like no other tile and are easier to maintain.

Our Bedroom Design Ideas

Our experts can also help you customize your bedroom floor tiles design with regard to size and shape. You can also check out 3D bedroom floor tiles if you want to add a touch of drama to your room. If you are looking for a modern bedroom wall design, our experts can suggest various options, from glass tiles to mosaic tiles, to create something unique and extraordinary.

Benefits of having tiles in the Bedroom

Tiles are one of the most common materials used in bedroom floorings and walls. And this is for a reason. They are durable, affordable, water and stain-resistant, and can withstand heavy footfall. Moreover, NITCO also provides tiles that are bacteria resistant.

Shop from Wide Range of Bedroom Tiles At NITCO

NITCO's wide range of bedroom tiles makes us the ideal choice for all your tiles-related woes. Our modern bedroom wall tiles and floor tiles offer you a selection like no other. Shop from our exhaustive collection of tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions on Bedroom Tiles

  • Which tiles are best for the bedroom?

    The bedroom is where you spend most of your time relaxing, so when it comes to picking tiles for this space, go for something that you know will calm you down. Tiles inspired by nature are one of the best options for this part of your house.

  • What is the best tile colour for bedrooms?

    Go simple and stick to the basics or make a hero wall behind your bed for some added pizzazz. The outcome should put a smile on your face every time you enter this space.

  • What type of tiles is best for bedroom floors?

    For bedroom flooring, you should pick tiles that suit your lifestyle. If you have kids and pets at home, choose more durable tiles and easier to clean from our Ceramic Floor Tiles Collection. If you are someone who likes a touch of elegance for our Made in Italy collection.

  • What type of tiles is best for bedroom walls?

    Your bedroom walls can be as experimental as possible. Go for a fun collage of tiles behind your bed with our Eclectic Wall Tiles Collection, or give it a wacky touch of colourful mosaic tiles. You can also browse through the Made in Italy collection for bedroom walls

  • Are ceramic tiles suitable for the bedroom?

    Yes, ceramic tiles come in a range of colours and textures. You can pick your choice and customize your tiles as per your needs. Ceramic tiles are also highly durable and easy to maintain.